23 08 2009

Snapshots of Europe keep randomly appearing in my mind and when it happens, I’m shaken. The feeling is gripping and a whole wave of emotions comes over me. I’m sad but grateful…and there’s this huge yearning inside of me. This longing to go back and to relive each moment again. I never thought that this trip would have such an effect on me. Yes, I knew it’d be an “experience of a lifetime”…that it’d be like nothing I’ve ever experienced before…but prior to takeoff, those were all just abstract words people kept repeating to me. And yes, I knew I’d be different…that everything would be different. But this? This is something else. The feeling is profound. It’s like I’m in this sort of limbo right now. I’ve experienced greatness and I know that there’s still more to come and yet, right now…there’s this kind of lull. And this feeling of restlessness grips me to the point of paralysis…




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