Ch-Ch-Changes…Moving Into A New Home

19 01 2010

Awwwwww…as sad as it makes me to have to say this, I’ve moved into a new home and will no longer be found here on WordPress. But no worries, you can all still find me just around the block at Thanks for the good times and I hope you’ll visit me at my new place 🙂


every lovely thing.

1 01 2010

I start every year with these very words and this year is no exception. Wishing you all the best, xoxo.

Words by Pam Brown, photos by yours truly.


30 12 2009

So it’s the day before new year’s eve and considering the fact that it’s not just the end of the year but the end of a decade, I thought it’d be appropriate to take a time out and take a look back on where I’ve been. Every end of the year, I have this ritual of reading through my collection of writings and looking through my many photos as a way of somehow reliving and recapturing those extraordinary and, well, not so extraordinary moments. All too easily and all too often we forget what we did just last weekend or even yesterday and so doing this is my own little way of refreshing my memory.

…And so, I just spent the last couple of hours reflecting on key moments from the past year…and damn, there have been many! There have been surprises and challenges at almost every bend of this road and it still shocks me to realize how much I’ve grown and changed in this relatively short time. I’ve experienced my first death (a conception that is still so abstract to me), my first real heart break (a place of lost and hurt that I hope never to find myself in again), and my first solo travels (a euphoric feeling of liberation and discovery like no other). This year I lost two important people in my life, one through death and the other through a break-up. But at the same time, so many new people have entered my life and in such little time, have managed to capture my heart completely. I’ve made friends who have simply swept me off my feet and reconnected with the one that I’ve missed. I’ve grieved and I’ve laughed like I never have before. I’ve been to the absolute heights of ecstasy and, on the other end of that spectrum, what seemed to be the bottomless freakin’ pit of despair. But even while in that awful aforementioned pit, the everyday heroes of my life emerged (as they often do) to listen, to talk, to sing, to dance, to drink, to hold my hand, and even to just sit in absolute silence. And let me tell you, there is nothing more humbling than to experience such acts of unconditional love and kindness.

2009 has been a defining year, no doubt. A tumultuous year, to say the least…and yet I wouldn’t have had it any other way. So here’s to 2009, my year of grief and laughter, of loss and discovery, and as for you 2010…you better watch yourself…cuz I’m gonna be bringin’ it 😉


5 12 2009

As I struggle to write that one last essay for this academic semester…

cry me a river

1 12 2009

Enough said.

solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and (thankfully) short

30 11 2009

Damn Hobbes and his Leviathan. Clearly he and other related political thinkers have been pervading my mind.

Yup, it’s that time of the year my friends. And nope, I’m not talking about holidays. I’m talking about the dreaded time that comes right before then…exam season. Dun, dun, dun! The past week has been absolute madness and this week will be even worse with two papers and three finals to write. So right now, I’ve been in my own little bubble dealing with matters of sovereignty, NGOs, IOs, MNCs, inequality, globalization, Hobbes, Locke, Marx, Veblen, Nietzsche, Weber, ICTs, dadadada the list never seems to end. I’ve been living in cafes all week and I’ve seriously considered moving into one and living there for the time being. It’s been brutal, I tell you. So brutal that in the past week I’ve had to line up to get into a library. A library. That’s when you know you’ve reached the peak of your cool. And I know that this struggle of mine is a plight shared by many others. Makes me question whether Hobbes was actually talking more about studentkind than all of mankind when he said that life was solitary, poor (oh so very, very poor!), nasty, brutish, and (thankfully!) short.

So for all of my fellow students out there finding themselves sleep-deprived, overly-caffeinated, and losing your mind, I feel your pain. Just gotta keep on keepin’ on and I’ll see you all on the flip side!


11 10 2009

Can I just say that I had the absolute greatest time on Friday with the absolute greatest people? Just so happy that everyone who means anything to me was able to come out and celebrate with me. A reminder of how ridiculously lucky I am to have such amazing friends in my life! What have I done to deserve you all?