good intentions are not enough

9 10 2009

So unless you’ve been living under a rock or have been busy helping NASA bomb the moon today, you should know that the Obamster has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Isn’t it amazing how the world seems to just be going down that downward spiral faster and faster these days? Personally, I’m loving all the commentary I’m hearing online, offline, on screen, on everywhere…nothing better than controversy that’s powerful enough to rile up the masses!

But seriously now, what’s going on here? Last time I checked, to win the Peace Prize, a person had to a) do the best work to encourage fraternity between nations b) abolish or reduce standing armies and c) hold and promote peace congresses. And so, Obama won the Peace Prize because? Because he’s the commander-in-chief of three wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and two other lower-scale ones in Africa and the Philippines? Because he’s given plenty of lofty speeches full of equally lofty promises? Because he’s apologized for America around the world? Because it is his fervent hope that peace will be achieved one day? Oh right! How could I have overlooked that?

But now there’s talk that he was awarded the prize not because of his actual accomplishments or achievements but rather to spur on and motivate his determination for peace. So now we’re awarding prizes to individuals who might do something in the future? Roiiight then…like my title says, good intentions are not enough. If it were, I could write a whole list of people who would be eligible for the prize (myself included). Everyone hopes for peace, everyone has good intentions, but the mere intention does not merit an award. All words and no action is undeserving of an award of such calibre (well, I guess that calibre is questionable now…)

And if this is a means by which to encourage him and motivate him, does the Nobel Committee actually think that it’s helping his cause? If anything, it’s hurt him…there’s backlash everywhere. And a lot of that backlash is and will be toward him, not to the people who awarded it to him. If anything, it merely highlights and reminds everyone just how little he’s done during his time as president.

But hey, I gotta give props where props are due! Obama has once again shown the world that you can do anything if you have the ‘audacity of hope’! Heck, he didn’t even hope to win the prize, and he still got it!…so for all us aspiring Nobel Peace Prize winners, can we do it? Yes We Can!